Audio Settings for Casters, Cocasters and Streamers

Hey folks,

after having a lot of conversations lately about Audio settings, I figured it’s time to make this all-in-one-guide for cocasting. This will cover settings for:

  • Driver/input interface and Windows
  • Teamspeak3
  • Skype
  • Discord
  • OBS Vanilla
  • OBS Studio
  • Dota2

These will be done in that order so just scroll down or CTRL-F what you need.

Driver/input interface and Windows

Most soundcards have checked some form of so called “Automatic voice gain control”. Like the name implies it normalises your voice. So if you go off casting a teamfight, you’ll be “turned down” and that’s not something we want.

First we take a look into most Windows settings:windows1

The next settings is pure annoyance: Windows will make anything quiet when you’re on a “call”. To disable:


Next up is a small trick you should use when you’re the one streaming/producing which mutes Windows sounds:


Now we get into the juicy parts: Most mics/interfaces/soundcards have some form of automatic voice gain control settings. DISABLE EVERYTHING except maybe micboost if you need it or Front Mic. Most “enhancements” are definitely NOT needed when you’re running anything above a SM58 or even a Snowball.


And here is AGC, “Automatic Gain Control”, or also known as the devil. This setting might have a whole bunch of different names, you gotta go full Sherlock on this one possibly, be prepared.


Lastly, adjust your levels in Windows, if you can’t adjust them in hardware. Most likely the best quality instead of over/undertuning Windows and over/undertuning the voice or streaming software.


Done with the Windows settings. Yay! Next up: Communication software.

Teamspeak 3

More stuff to disable but more in one place. First up, we want to disable all Echo “enhancements” and Automatic Devil Gain Control.



You can possibly also disable “Remove background noise” if your mic already is really legit. Try it and see if whoever you’re in TS with likes it or not.

Lastly for TS3, I suggest you disable sounds if you’re the one streaming/producing:


That was TS, onto the next contender for worst software which is still being used too much.


Everyone hates Skype, yet somehow everyone still uses it. It has inbuilt Echo cancellation which can NOT be disabled. But we can disable other crap:



And while we’re at it: Use this setting to get some basic DDoS protection. People in your contact list can still get your IP but it’s not as bad as having no protection at all:


Still a bad software, still used too much. Onto the next one, which might stop Skype soon.


We have echo cancellation and Automatic voice gain control tugged away in advanced voice options here:



Same story as with teamspeak: If you feel like you don’t need Noise Suppression, feel free to disable it. Just be 100% sure you disable the Echo and AGC stuff.

That was it for communications software, onto streaming side of things!

OBS Vanilla

The “old” Open Broadcaster Software has one really incredibly useful setting and that’s down mixing a potential stereo input to mono. Using some USB interfaces will give you two channels: Right and left, and sometimes your input is only on one of those. To not have your voice only on one side streaming use this setting in Settings -> Audio:


Let’s go to the successor of this incredibly amazing program.

OBS Studio

Not quite as easy to find but also very useful:



That should do the trick.

Now onto the actual game.


Steam uses AGC per default and since Dota 2 uses Steam it’s “always on” and we can’t do shit about it. We can’t do a lot anyway, but just to make sure you’ve set up everything correct, here it is:


Muting the cocaster makes a ton of sense since you usually hear him/her over ts3/discord/whatevs anyway. Always use the TEAM Voice chat option to push your audio into DotaTV and the “Streamlined Push To Talk” is nice if you use that so it keeps the device active and doesn’t cut out as often.


Alright that’s it, any questions let me know on my twitter.

Enjoy your awesome audio casting guys!

❤ JJ


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